Fall GRASP 2013

by Bay Area Girls Rock Camp

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released December 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Bay Area Girls Rock Camp Oakland, California

Bay Area Girls Rock Camp is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering girls through music, promoting an environment that fosters self-confidence, creativity and collaboration. It is a place where girls learn to play instruments, form bands, and write and perform their own music.
These songs were written by campers between the ages of 8 and 18 in just five days.
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Track Name: Supernova by The Community Cup
Guitar: Lena
Drums: Terri
Bass: Assata
Vocals: Athena
Coach: KB

You’re my supernova
An explosive ball of light
I wonder some days how I love you
When all we do is fight
And I try to calm you
And prevent you from the ricochet
But you’re a loose cannon
On you’re way to destruction
And you’re my supernova
A crazy atom bomb
I can’t tell whether to leave you
Or to focus on the fall
So goodbye Mr. Plasma Cannon
I really had a ball
Track Name: I Love My Hair by The Big Hair Girls
Guitar: Malia
Drums: Madison
Bass: Yolisa
Keyboard: Vivica
Vocals: Sophie
Coaches: Theresa & Njeri

I wake up having a bad hair day
And it was all in knots
So let’s just say
It was lots and lots of dreadlocks
I spray it, I wash it, and BAM! Big hair!
But, I love my hair
Let’s talk about hair
‘Cause I care about my beautiful hair
I wake up having a good hair day
And it was all in silky threads
I look better than all the other heads
They all had bed heads
I know I love my hair
I know you love my hair
It’s here, it’s there, it’s everywhere
And I love my hair
Let’s talk about hair
‘Cause I care about my beautiful hair
And we also love CANDY!
Track Name: Solitude with Attitude by Daisyed and Confused
Vocals: Ivy
Guitar: Sofia
Bass: Luna
Drums: Kit
Coaches: Nina & Becca

Being alone makes me feel alive
Pluggin’ in my music, turning it up
Makes me feel better when my heart has sunk
When no one’s present, I can finally feel content
Time alone is time well spent
I can put my crowded thoughts up for rent
I don’t like being lonely
But I don’t mind being alone
In fact it’s where I feel at home
[Repeat Chorus]
And even though my loneliness isn’t poetic
I’m still doing pretty well
For a girl with no story to tell
Track Name: Heartbeat by Heart Beats
Drums: Sam
Guitar: Isabella
Keyboard: Eva
Bass: Bella
Vocals: Che
Coaches: Carina & Natasha

I’m gonna warn you that this is a girly song.
But, there are lots of different types of girls.
There are girls with long hair, short hair, straight hair, curly hair.
There are girls with brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes, black eyes.
There are girls with dark skin, light skin.
I think most girls think about….
Magic sugar heartbeats
falling from the rainbow.
Unicorns with sparkly nails
and rainbow ponytails.
These are all the things that are magicaaalll….
There’s also different kinds of girls.
Girls love cars, skateboards, trucks, motorcycles, and dinosaurs.
Girls love hoodies. Girls love girls. Girls love sports!
But still, like I said, girls love…….
Magic sugar heartbeats
falling from the rainbow.
Unicorns with sparkly nails
and rainbow ponytails.
These are all the things that are magicaallll….
And that’s the end of our show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Track Name: Cannibal by the Daffodevils
Drums: Naomi
Guitar: Allyson
Bass: Angelina
Vocals: Alisha
Coaches: Cadence & Jenna

Open your eyes and
Listen to the sound of the
Moaning and groaning
The presently supply
The world is collapsing as
Hell brings forth its minions
An army of the dead hungry for
Your flesh and blood
Finally find where you’re hiding
It’s over for you cause they’re
Busting down your door
Now you’re a cannibal
A cannibal that is what you are
Hungry for the flesh of your brother
Walking in the sleep of your hunger
The world as you know it is ending
The deceased are taking over
Now listen to their song!
Track Name: Untitled by The Vamp Rampz
Drums: Laila
Bass: Zuni
Guitar: Emma
Vocals: Tita
Keyboard: Nyla
Coaches: Cadence & Rachel

GIRLS ROCK!!! (Repeat!)
Track Name: Holding On by Cookies and Cream
Drums & Vocals: Aurora
Guitar & Vocals: Mary
Guitar & Vocals: Kia
Keyboard: Aliece
Coach: Nicole

Holding on is the best thing that we can do
Moving forward to try and reach you
And I pray to god that I can stay with you
We’ve been together so long
And you act like you don’t know me
If you’re the same, deep inside
Then you should try and show me
Don’t be a mystery
I’ll always love you
And I’ll always care
But if you try and change me
Then you’ll get nowhere
Don’t burn me
We’ve been through a lot together
You are my best friend
Please just come back to me
And let's escape reality
And we’ll still be best friends
…In the end
Track Name: Girls Rock by the Dangerous Divas
Keyboard: Janai
Bass: Joyous
Drums: Jayla
Guitar: Aidan
Vocals: Mariyah
Coach: Nicole

Girls Rock! Let’s rock ‘n’ roll
Girls Rock! With the music in our souls
Girls Rock! Let’s lose control
Girls Rock! We’re taking this roll
Girls Rock! We got so much fame
Girls Rock! We can’t be tamed
Girls Rock! We got this game
Girls Rock! We act the same
Girls Rock! We can make a change
Track Name: Cadillac by 90s Inspire
Drums: Jayla  Vocals: Mawehyah  Guitar & Vocals: Njeri
 Bass: Jasmine Vocals & Keyboards: Jaya  Coach: Brooke
Riding in the back of your Cadillac riding
See I’m riding in the backseat with your friends
with the rooftop down riding down till the end..
Alright, driving down
Take me to the coast of L.A. (riding),
baby take me down to the bay (riding)
baby we can do anything riding, we ride we ride
We ride we ride out! (oh)
We ride we ride ohhhh
Cadillac (x4)

Brown skin mami looking hot like Ferrari
Thought she had your grip but you didn’t yeah I’m sorry
All gold everything gold on my wrist
You try to bring me down but you can’t touch this
I’m a new school winner
Yeah I bet you miss her
Tried to bring me down when
u thought you could diss her
Now I’m ridin ridin with my hot new guy
in this his hot new ride
Take me to coast of L.A (riding),
baby take me down to the bay (riding),
baby we can do anything (riding) we ride we ride
We ride we ride out! (oh)
We ride we ride ohhhh
Cadillac (x4)
Track Name: Lollipops are the Best by the Royal Lollipop Divas
Vocals: Iyana
Drums: Sasha
Bass: Shamara
Keyboard: Cleo
Guitar: Khaela
Coaches: Becca & Jaya

We all became royal by playing our instruments!
We come from lolli-land
We are the best known band
We are all lollipops
and nobody tells us to stop
when we like to pop
You better watch out because we’re coming to find ya
You know that we are here to rock
And we ain’t gonna stop
Until the sun goes down
And we all shout aahhhhh! (X2)
Tootsie pop, flower pop, love pop
Rainbow pop, cherry pop too
We are a band and we are all brand new
Track Name: Untitled by SOAL
Drums: Savannah
Guitar: LaDaijha
Vocals: Ava
Coaches: Dara & Marta

Once there was a girl
No one listened to what she had to say
But she had a dream
And she knew she could reach it
And with all her hard work
It’d be a shame if she never reached it
And people tried to break her down
Until she bled
But she didn’t give up
Fire in her eyes
Passion burning in her soul
She found her calling
It don’t matter who tries to get in her way
She kept her head high
And shot for the moon
And she landed amongst the stars