GRASP 2012

by Bay Area Girls Rock Camp

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released April 3, 2012

Recorded live at the Oakland Metro Operahouse. Mixed by Candace Lazarou.



all rights reserved


Bay Area Girls Rock Camp Oakland, California

Bay Area Girls Rock Camp is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering girls through music, promoting an environment that fosters self-confidence, creativity and collaboration. It is a place where girls learn to play instruments, form bands, and write and perform their own music.
These songs were written by campers between the ages of 8 and 18 in just five days.
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Track Name: Apple Bunnies - Apple Bunnies
A special world for you and me
A special world one cannot see
You’re the light that fills my darkness
All the hate I had was forgotten
So when I walk the lonely night
I see you in my mind, your love is so bright
Even in the darkest night
It shines so bright
That it ruins my sight
I must have fallen in love at first sight
Track Name: Black Snapple - Black Snapple
Shadows are nothing
I noticed, and I see the
Dreams in their eyes.
For you to come back
To them.

Souls like mine
Wait here with me
So I can see
When It’s just to be me
I want to know who I can be
My dear lovely my soul will carry on.

Wandering, never felt this way
Alone inside this shell of love.
Wait for me, it’s not that far away
Just feel this loneliness!

I have found my way, dancing through the light
I say love you so, I wish I could be there with you.
I wait for you while I sing this lullaby
Just wait ‘til tomorrow, when I can see you once again.
Track Name: The Crystals - The Crystals
Rocking out bands
On the side of my hand
I like chocolate so much
It makes me want to dance

We scream “girls” every time I twirl
If you call me a name
I say you’re vanilla pain
Track Name: Fresh World - Fresh World
When we were little I always said
Don’t give up on yourself

Dancing till dawn
The night is almost gone
Dancing fancy
The night is almost gone

Don’t be sad
Just be glad
Go out and party
Eating Smarties
At a party

Party over here
Party over there
Track Name: Good Girl Swag - Good Girl Swag
La La La
You got me floating on the clouds
You give me butterflies
You my best friend
And my homie
You’re my type of guy
I don’t care what they say about us
Every time I see you
You make me blush
I wouldn’t necessarily
Call it love
But I gotta say
You’re my crush
La la la
My crush
Track Name: Gummy Bears of the Round Table - Gummy Bears of the Round Table
You’re faking your innocence
You say you didn’t do it
But I know you did
Oh you’re faking your innocence
You say you’re not guilty
But I know you are

You’re faking your innocence
You say that you love me
But I know that you hate me

You’re faking your innocence
You say you’re with your friends
But I know you’re with her

Do you love me
Do you hate me
Why do you do this to me
Track Name: I Am The Table - I Am The Table
Ninja Cereal Killer
I want your love,
No more pain,
Though the way you are acting drives me insane,
I talk to you, you look away,
Staring at her down the way,
Not feeling the same, so hard to explain
I want your love, want your love

Ninja Cereal Killer

All alone, what to do now
A tub of milk shall calm me down
I think he loves me
Loves me now
Eight lucky charms all gone now
This is so amazing, can’t explain
I have your love
Have your love
Track Name: Pink Panther and the Long Johns - Pink Panther and the Long Johns
Blaze is a fire
And a girl
It’s red and orange
With a tint of blue
It’s hot and dangerous just for you
So let’s give it up for the Blaze

Don’t let it in, don’t let it in the water
You wouldn’t want to douse the flame

The Blaze is hot
The Blaze is heavy
The Blaze is kind
The Blaze is dangerous
Don’t leave it behind
You better listen
Don’t mess with the Blaze
Track Name: RADAR - RADAR
Who cares
Cause there’s nothing wrong
It’s your own fault
That you fell so hard
If you trip over rope
You gotta save yourself
Cause you can’t just hope
It’s 2012.

Don’t need no knight in shining armor
Being independent makes me stronger
Keep going even longer
Another land we have to conquer

When those clowns try to make me laugh
But it’s too bad the rabbit’s out of the hat
When I’m sad I sing a song to myself
How I don’t need anyone’s help
Track Name: Someone's Been Triflin' - Someone's Been Triflin'
T-R-I-F-L-I-N x3

Why you treat me like that
With me in that trap
Why you push me like that
With me in that sack
Why you got me running all those laps
That’s why it’s over just like that

Baby that ain’t the thing to do
When all you’ve put me through
I’m singin’

You got me turnin' round and round
You got me thinking I was sound
That’s what I heard around town
Now you got me singin'
Track Name: The Smashed Presidents - The Smashed Presidents
Drip by drop the sky is crying
Drip by drop the sky is falling

I’m the ocean, you’re the rain
Flooding over with too much pain
Where did all the good times go?
Washed away with the tides
Come and see how I hide,
From the happiness, from the pain
We are playing such a different game
Track Name: Thunder Girls - Thunder Girls
Here comes the thunder
You better watch out
I’m gonna tickle you
Until you pout
I know what your smile’s all about
You dropped my doll in the mud
I don’t have a doubt

We’ve done it again
Finished revenge
we’re the thunder girls

We’re the thunder
We’re the thunder
We’re the thunder girls
Track Name: Upside Down Girls - Upside Down Girls
(Sing along)
When I say upside, you say down girls
Upside (down girls) Upside (down girls)
When I say party, you say like a rock star
Party (like a rock star), party (like a rock star)