GRASP 2013

by Bay Area Girls Rock Camp

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This album was recorded live at the New Parish on Saturday, March 16, 2013.


released May 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Bay Area Girls Rock Camp Oakland, California

Bay Area Girls Rock Camp is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering girls through music, promoting an environment that fosters self-confidence, creativity and collaboration. It is a place where girls learn to play instruments, form bands, and write and perform their own music.
These songs were written by campers between the ages of 8 and 18 in just five days.
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Track Name: A Chilling Trip by Black Coffee
My chinchilla on a voyage in the sea
Seeing what there is to see
Said she’d come and visit me
So there I waited patiently

But when morning came
The sky was red
That’s when I feared
She might be dead
But assuming it’s the death of me
So I myself set out to C

Ms. Chinchilla where have you one
You’ve been gone for way too long
When you left you said be strong
But I’ve been strong for way too long

I went to where I saw her last
Many years since then have past
And on the shore I saw a ship
Ignore this like and chocolate chip


For many years I searched for you
and you just broke my heart in two
Now I don’t know what to do
Ms. Chinchilla where are you?
Track Name: Chance by The Singing Cheetahs
Hey Perl
I just came to apologize
for yesterday
and I’m sorry that I called you
a tuna sandwich
Please Perl
Just give me 1 more chance with you
One single more chance with you
And then we can start
A new world
A brand new world
Filled with happy dreams
and much much more
and we could be together forever
If you just would give me one more chance
one more chance, that’s all I ask
Track Name: Cupcakes by Kiddy Cupcakes

Are you re-e-e-edy?!
Are you ste-e-e-eady?!
Are you re-e-e-edy?! Come on!

We looked
outside the window
put on our shades
we looked cool!

Are you re-e-e-edy?!
Are you ste-e-e-eady?!
Are you re-e-e-edy?!

We walked in the door
Fell flat face on the floor
Saw my friends
They were dancin

We stuffed cupcakes in our face
I can't believe it I love this place!
I was like yum yum WOW!
Everybody have a cupcake!

Are you re-e-e-edy?!
Are you ste-e-e-eady?!
Are you re-e-e-edy?!

Cupcakes cupcakes
We love cupcakes
Cupcakes cupcakes
We love cupcakes

Take a cupcake!
Track Name: Dark Hearts by the Evil Minions
Dark hearts inside of you
Nothing light inside of you
It's a dark scary night and
You hardly know what to do

Dark hearts inside of me
Nothing light inside of me

It's a dark scary night
and I hardly know what to do

Now it's dark lies
Taking over your head
Nothing to do
Nothing to do but scream
You scream just scream

Dark hearts inside of you
Nothing light inside of you

Feels like monsters closing in
cant get out so I screeeeeam
Track Name: False Advertising by New and improved
Now let me tell you something society
about a young girl
willing to lose her life
to throw away everything
she had strived for
all because she felt ugly

They whispered in her ear
spread the poison to her soul
She was forever lost
nothing more than a zombie
A zombie praying, pleading and
begging god to let her be beautiful
because for every taunt and tease
the longer she would stay on her knees
until they were bleeding raw

Until the meat on her bones
could no longer thaw the frozen heart
that was slowly killing her
She had internalized her oppression and
believed in the misogynistic misinterpretation of beauty.
Now you tell me, can she be beautiful?

(Verse 1)
Sitting on the couch,
waiting for tomorrow and
fearing life itself
I am living, living life
within my head
Oh TV’s on, she comes on
5’7, her beauty is that of heaven
She is emaciated on the outside
starving on the inside
Oh where is her pride

Beauty, such an easy word to say
Beauty, Am I beautiful
Oh beauty, what an easy word to say
Beauty, Am I beautiful

(Verse 2)
If I look in the mirror
what will I see?
A plastic Barbie with no feelings
Aren’t I just a human being,
why can’t society accept me?
Society just let me be me
Just me.


I’m chubby and I am fine with that
Don’t need no regulations telling
me what I can or cannot do
that I’m too fat
I have a free and open mind
that I decide rather than
to waste my time and
focus on those photoshopped beauties
I have a duty to me
and my sisters
whether they be brown
black or any color to love me.

To know in the knee deep
of my gut that beauty lies deep
within the eye of the beholder
DaVinci did not paint the Mona Lisa
just so that society could critique her
She is a masterpiece but in society’s eyes
she looks like a catastrophe
having one too many
twinkies for dinner
Are you kidding me
I am not going to be starving
I wanna rise to the top
not plunge to the bottom
of that toilet seat
leaving behind everything
I have decided to eat

There is a reason digestion
occurs to nourish the mind, body, and soul.
Oh beauty

Track Name: Ice party by The warriors Band
Intro: Yea Yea Yea Yeaaaahh x4

I woke up this morning
There was snow here, there, everywhere
How perfect this day will be
We could have a snowball fight
With the girls across the street
We will win the fight and have
a party tonight!

Let’s party
Yea party
We’re gonna have a party tonight!

Let’s get ready for the party
With streamers and balloons…
Don’t forget the food!
People started coming in,
The party was so fun
All my friends were there

Track Name: Loud Sirens by Electric Girls
Trying had all these years
I’m going crazy
messing with the musketeers
I’m still waiting to figure out
Why when they hear the music
they can’t stop saying
“Ya ya ya ya ya ya”

Then you want to just stop moving
So you just say
“Ya ya ya ya ya ya”

You want to stop going
So you just say
“Ya ya ya ya ya ya”

You want to stop sayin
“Ya ya ya ya ya ya”

So I say they have
fire in their hearts and eyes
like a spider
“Ya ya ya ya ya ya”
Track Name: Motion by Nameless
I awake in a perpetual motion
unsure to where I stand
All I know is the voices are
calling me forward as
the buildings rise from the land.

We traveled play with yarn
lay in the sun space battles
fight the dog meow meow
we won

(verse 2)
All around me a world
begins to synthesize
that's when I looked in
the cat peoples eyes
She told a tale of a
voyage from a faraway place

Track Name: Untitled by the Universe of Super Novaliciousness
VERSE (x2)
When I look in the mirror
all I can see is a lonely face.
There’s a girl by the bleachers
looking for another “hi” or “hey”.

She used to be a legend
now she’s just history.
The first glimpse of paradise
is the second you bail.

Ohh, oh-oh, oh oh,
Ohh, oh-oh, oh oh,
Ohh, oh-oh, oh oh,
Track Name: Wet paint by Miracle Lyrical
I wonder why the thunder
Is rising from the under so soon
I think I might sink into
The darkness and the gloom

I don’t care
You can stare
It’s not fair
My soul is bare

That there’s rain
it brings me pain
In the dark
we go insane

In the depths of my mind
There’s hidden pain that I find
It feels like glass under my feet
I would rather feel grass
It smells so sweet

As I sleep I can’t help but think
Of what summer used to be
I was splashing in the pool
Living so wild and free
I was drinking lemonade
and watching lots of MTV

During summer
it’s so much brighter
I’m a fighter

I think through rain or shine
Times get tough
I’ll be fine
Track Name: Wondering by Las Afrikanas
Wondering by Las Afrikanas

Oh I try and try to make you mines
But i seem to fail every single time
Is it me, or is it you?
You don't seem to want what I do
But if you ever choose to want a girl you should consider me
I can be your friend, I can be your world, I can be all you need

So why do you make it hard
For me
To see if you even want me
I just wanna know please don't leave me wondering [x2]

Verse 2: Lauren
I know that love is real
I can tell by the way you are making me feel
I wake up in the morning and the sun is shining
And i think about you all the time and thats alright
But i wonder why you dont give me a try
Baby its gunna be fine, you just gotta take your time

So why do you make it hard
For me
To see if you even want me
I just wanna know please don't leave me wondering [x2]

Breakdown(Rap): Mawehyah

Tell me how you feel
Its not a big deal
It will be okay if you just keep it real

Its that super sonic
That technologic, shock when you look my way oh boy you know that
You can be my world
If I was your girl
Never say nevver I'll be by your side (oh)
Take a chance on me baby you know you wont regret it
I'm the type of girl that make you feel like you done one it
Yeah me, your all i need
And if you want me, then we were ment to be baby..

W O N D E R I N G..Wondering (x2)
Oh oh oh ahh ahh
Oh oh oh ahh ahh (Repeat Till end of song)